Why rent

The latest technology and equipment in your hands without the big, upfront cash outlay.

  • Easily manage your budget

    Tailor the term to suit your budget

    Avoid big upfront costs. Make monthly rental payments to use the technology you want, now.

  • Always have the latest

    Get the best tech

    New release technology, appliances and electrical equipment.

  • Hassle-free bundles

    Multiple products, one payment

    Bundle items into one rental agreement or add more to your existing agreement for one easy to manage account.

  • Protection & peace of mind

    We approve a majority of claims

    Damaged laptops and lost phones - so many things can go wrong. But don't worry, in most circumstances we replace rented items that are stolen, accidentally lost or accidentally damaged through our FlexiCare Program.

  • Flexible end of term options

    Freedom of choice

    Continue your existing agreement, upgrade, make an offer to purchase* or return the goods – you nominate your choice.

  • Tax deductions

    Make your accountant smile

    Renting for business or work-related purposes? You might get a tax break. Talk to your tax advisor to be sure^.

*Subject to approval and terms and conditions, and in the case of upgrade, our internal credit criteria.

^Tax deductions may apply. FlexiRent does not provide legal, tax or accounting advice. See your tax advisor for details.