Things you can rent

Rent the phone you want

Want an iPhone? Fancy a Galaxy? But, you're not a fan of the plans that tend to come with them? Don’t get locked in to a so-so provider. Rent the phone you want and then shop around for the best plan.

Some examples of phones you can rent:

  • Samsung™
  • Motorola™
  • Apple™
  • Windows™
  • LG™
  • HTC™

Some examples of costs:

  • Get a $888 Samsung™ Galaxy S5 mobile phone for 24 months from as little as $13.65 a week*

* Minimum cost of goods over 24 months of RRP $888 value is $1,419.36, price is subject to change. Weekly pricing indicative only. FlexiRent accepts monthly payments only. These calculations are for illustrative purposes only.

And if the rented phone is stolen, accidentally lost or accidentally damaged, you’re covered, in most circumstances, by our FlexiCare Program.

Your options when the rented phone is stolen, accidentally lost or damaged

Want a tablet too?

Bundle the rented mobile phone with any other computer or technology equipment, including laptops, digital cameras or an MP3 player. There’s only one set of paperwork and you just pay one fixed monthly rental payment.

Find out more about FlexiRent bundles