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End of Term options

With our range of flexible End of Term options, endings can also be beginnings. You can upgrade to new Goods, make us an offer to purchase the existing rented Goods, continue to rent the Goods or, if you don’t want them anymore, simply return them to us in good working order*.

Some products may have different End of Term options - see your Credit Guide and Terms & Conditions booklet for specific information relating to your rental Agreement.

Here are the common end of term options:

Return your existing Goods

If you do not want to keep using the existing Goods, simply return them to us. Refer below for more information.

Benefit: If you also wish to upgrade to new Goods 2 or more months prior to the End of Term, we will waive up to 2 remaining Monthly Rental Payments on your existing Agreement*#.

Upgrade to new Goods

Upgrade to new Goods by entering into a new rental Agreement* with FlexiRent and choose one of the options for your existing Goods.

Benefit: Stay up to date and have the latest technology. Call us to apply for your pre-approval*.

Double Time your existing Goods

You can double the length of the Term by paying one Monthly Rental Payment to continue using the Goods and enjoy the benefits of the FlexiCare Program~ for the Double Time Period*.

Benefit: Through the FlexiCare program, Goods rented under an active FlexiRent Advantage Rental Agreement, are protected against theft, accidental loss or accidental damage anywhere in Australia or New Zealand, or anywhere in the world during a trip of 28 days or less~.

Purchase your existing Goods

If you would like to own the existing Goods, you can make us an offer to purchase the existing Goods. You can offer any price for the existing Goods, but we have the right to accept or reject your offer*.

Benefit: If you also wish to upgrade, we may be prepared to negotiate the sale of the existing Goods with you for a discounted price.

Please contact the FlexiRent Customer Team on 1800 240 102 to discuss any of the above options.

It is important to contact us to nominate an End of Term option prior to the end of your rental Agreement. If you do not contact us, and you don’t return the Goods to us, your Agreement will continue on a month-to-month basis and you will continue to be charged a Monthly Rental Payment.

Extend your existing Goods

Business use customers may be able to continue renting the same Goods on a month-to-month basis, allowing you to preserve your cash and continue to take advantage of tax benefits.

Details on how to return Goods

Goods must be returned in good working order*, together with all accessories and manuals, at your own expense, to:

Attention: Returns Manager
Flexirent Capital Pty Ltd
Unit 5/6-8 McLachlan Ave
Artarmon NSW 2064
Please provide your Agreement Number.


*All upgrade, purchase and double time options are subject to our Agreement and our standard terms and conditions, and all upgrade options are also subject to any internal credit criteria.
#Up to 2 monthly payment waiver offer or acceptance of the double time payment offer, whichever is elected, is available on eligible, approved and settled deals and is subject to credit criteria. Customers are liable for payments for the full term under the original Agreement. One offer per customer. FlexRent holds the right to withdraw the offers at any time.
~Provided under the FlexiCare Program and subject to terms and conditions. Refer to the product terms and conditions for a full list of exclusions. FlexiCare Loaner dispatched within 1 business day subject to delivery to all Australian metro areas and request made during business hours.
^Tax deductions may apply for business use customers. See your tax advisor for details. FlexiRent does not provide legal, tax or accounting advice.