How it works

The choice is yours

You can select just about any brand new technology or household appliance you like from a range of Australia’s top retailers.

The minimum spend is $100 across all computer and electrical goods

Choose your new goods

Pick from the latest and greatest – laptops, tablets, TVs, vacuum cleaners, fridges… if it needs electricity and it’s sold by one of our retail partners, you can rent it as long as its value is more than $100.

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Choose a top retailer

You can FlexiRent from Harvey Norman, Joyce Mayne, Domayne, Apple Premium Resellers and more.

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Get a quote

Once you know what you want and approximately how much it costs, you can get a quote online to get an idea of your monthly rental payments.  The longer the term, the less you pay per week.

For example: a laptop with a retail price of $1,019 is:

  • $15.66* per week on a 24 month term
  • $12.20^ per week on a 36 month term

Do the maths – use our quote calculator

* Minimum cost of goods over 24 months of RRP $1,019 value is $1,628.88, price is subject to change. ^Minimum cost of goods over 36 months of RRP $1,019 value is $ 1,904.04. Weekly pricing indicative only. FlexiRent accepts monthly payments only. These calculations are for illustrative purposes only.