The mobile office

Gone are the days of being chained to your desk nine to five, Monday to Friday. Thanks to the astounding new technology on the market, you can take your office on the road, in the sky, and (sadly, yes) even in bed on a sick day. So if you’re ready to take your business away from the water cooler and out on an adventure, here are our top five tips to make it a success.

Tip #1: Have a phone that can do it all

A must have for the mobile office is a smartphone. More ‘genius’ than ‘smart,’ the modern day android will have you covered for email, social media, hi-res photography, video conferences, among endless other app options. Oh, and you can still make just plain old phone calls, too.

RENT: The iPhone 6

Tip #2: Don’t let that phone run dead

Sadly, the old excuse “my phone ran out of battery power” just doesn’t fly these days. Stay connected (and on your boss’s good side) with a small, portable charger like the Plox Powerbox: with 6000mAh of power, it’s enough to charge your smartphone four times over.

RENT: Plox Powerbox Portable Charger

Tip #3: Be prepared to present

If you’re on the road meeting clients, or between offices, chances are you will have to make an impromptu presentation at some point. Whilst we can’t help you plot a pitch on the spot, we can give you this tip: be prepared with the right equipment. A lightweight tablet computer will be big enough to suitably present in a professional format, but small enough to always keep with you, without weighing you down.

RENT: Lenova A-10 Tablet

Tip #4: Don’t get lost

One upside to working in an office is always being just a short stroll to your meeting rooms. With business life on the road, however, you could be zooming from one side of town to the other in peak hour to make a meeting. Make sure you’ve got the edge with a reliable and fast-thinking GPS to get to where you need to go, fast.

RENT: TomTom GPS Navigator

Tip #5: Don’t get arrested

A mobile office means just that: a moving office. And chances are if you’re moving, you’re trying to work at the same time over the phone. Stay safe - and on the right side of the law! - with a slick Bluetooth headset. We recommend the Plantronic Voyager Legend Headset: with voice command functionality, it’s completely hands-free so your hands can stay firmly on the steering wheel.

RENT: Plantronic Voyager Legend Bluetooth Headset

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