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As every parent knows, the act of buying your kids’ toys lasts well beyond their toddler years. Toy trains are replaced with iPads®, and Barbie dolls with hair-straighteners. But as your children enter their teens, there are some toys to consider that will actually serve a dual purpose for their studies. We look at the top five study toys that will keep your kids on track with school.

The Laptop

These days, a laptop is an absolute necessity for your teen through high school, and eventually university. Your best bet is to invest in a laptop that will last the distance - we recommend the Apple© Macbook Air: it’s light enough for your kids to easily transport to and from school, and is virus-resistant to avoid late night essay losses.

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The Music

Have you ever tried to keep your 13 year old at their desk for longer than an hour to study? The impossible task has just become a whole lot easier: make their work environment fun and enjoyable with a speaker system for them to listen to their favourite tunes whilst working. We love the Klipsch Wireless Music System - small and easily transported, it can be shared around the whole house.

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The Scanner

It’s amazing how those extremely important pieces of paper can be so easily lost among a sea of folders and piles of paper in your kid’s room, isn’t it? Reduce the mess and keep their work organised and accessible on the computer by investing in a scanner, like the Epson® Perfection Scanner. Everything from science tests to excursion forms can be kept safe and sound in the Cloud.

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The Phone

With group assignments becoming more and more popular, save yourself the drive to the other side of town by connecting the kids with a smartphone. They can Facetime® each other, transfer files, and surf the Internet - all from their desk at home. The new iPhone® 6 will link up to their Macbook Air laptop, and taking the rental option means when the new model is out, you can simply update.

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The Coffee Machine

Ok, ok - we admit it. This is one toy that’s made for mum and dad only! If you’re supporting your kids through early morning (and late night!) study sessions, you’re going to need a strong cup of coffee to make it through Maths quizzes and English essays. We love the Sunbeam Cafe Crema Espresso Machine for frothy, hot coffee from the comfort of your own kitchen.

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We all know that kids never seem to stop growing. So keep up with their school needs, and the latest trends in study technology with FlexiRent. You can have access to all of the latest models of laptops, printers, scanners and smartphones at a fraction of the cost. Now, if only this system applied with teenager’s clothes too!

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