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The battle for a tangle-free existence has raged long and hard for many years, and it’s well known that some serious progress has been made in the world of wireless headphones and stereos. No longer are the people of earth wasting valuable time untangling and wrestling with pesky cables that often break, fray and generally unearth a deep-seeded rage within their users. The era of the set of headphones that only works on one side is over, if you want it to be.

That said, you might not be aware of some of the other new technology that’s just entered the glorious arena of hands-free and remote control excellence. We’ve checked out the latest and greatest in wireless gadgetry that will make your life even more fun and convenient.

Home cinema helpers

There’s nothing worse than forking out the mega bucks for home cinema set up complete with 7.1 surround sound and 1080p HD projector only to realise that in order to make it all work in the corner you’d ideally want them in, your lounge room is instead going to be riddled with cables. A 20ft HDMI cable isn’t exactly subtle (or reliable) so alternatives to what looks like a huge electric Anaconda poking out from under the family rug are a must. The DVDO Air is your saviour. It’s a tidy and simple little piece of tech that wirelessly transmits HD content between any two HDMI ports without any interference (including full HD 3D and 7.1 sound). All you do is connect the two components to their respective input/output and you’re good to go. 

The other must have for your lounge room is the Google Chromecast. With so many of us watching our content from a digital source and there being so many different providers of digital content, simply getting that content on to your TV screen (unless you have direct access to a provider through a smart TV or connected device) from your tablet, phone or laptop can be an extremely difficult task. This cute little HDMI dongle allows you to stream digital content over wi-fi or on your own network via Google apps which you can install on your phone, tablet or computer. Once again, it’s an amazingly simple idea but the ability to quickly throw up a video from the web into large format (you can mirror anything on your device’s screen on your TV) for a bunch of friends to watch without messing around with your Playstation or Smart TV’s clunky interface is priceless.

For your health

We’ve seen plenty of wearable fitness tech lately, but the LG Lifeband OLED Screen Bluetooth,  sets the new standard. Synched to your smartphone, this bad boy sends out more data than ever before and works with a host of existing apps like MyFitnessPal and RunKeeper so you’re not spending hours learn how run a new program. You’ll get accurate calorie, speed, heart rate and GPS info as well as a 3-Axis Accelerometer that measures forward, backwards and side to side movements along with location height. It’s custom built for those who love to track their hiking or stair-climbing progress and also features an easy to use music interface on its touchscreen to keep you pumped while you’re exercising up a storm.

Kitchen precision

The Pre Pad is an iPad kitchen scale for weighing your gourmet goodies as you prep them and lets you know all sorts of information as you go. You can set up lists of ingredients in the app in order to come up with the total calories, fat, protein and nutritional data for what you’re cooking on any given day.

It’s a basketball that can talk…well sort of!

It’s going to cost you but if you’re dead serious about shooting hoops the 94Fifty ball monitors everything that happens to it as you spin, dribble and (hopefully) dunk your way to greatness. Your stats are transferred via Bluetooth and show up on your connected smartphone. Whether you really need this or not, it’s a hell of an innovative piece of wireless ingenuity.

Flight of the Navigators

Everybody hates their GPS. There’s not one of us that hasn’t considered tossing it the ocean after missing a meeting due to bad directions or finding themselves with a computer voice telling to enter a one-way street from the wrong direction. The Navman SmartGPS Navigator is one you can hate a little less as it has the ability to sync with your smartphone, computer or tablet. This means you can do some convenient searching before sending the info to the GPS and therefore meet new levels of accuracy and safety in your navigation. You can also choose to engage speed camera alerts, petrol prices updates as well as live traffic and weather information. The 5” touchscreen display is super easy to “navigate” around and you can create a library of your favourite addresses as a well a wish list of places to visit when you can.

Not all of us are regular car users though, especially of those that live in the inner cities. Cycling is growing in popularity astronomically and finally a company has taken the initiative to create a navigation system. The Helios Handlebar is a handlebar mountable smartphone powered (via Bluetooth) navigation system with an onscreen speedometer and integrated headlight with turn signals. Welcome to the future!

Drive a Lamborghini from you iPhone

Sure, we’re getting sillier as we get to the end of this blog but how much fun is a remote controlled Lamborghini operated from your smartphone using WiFi? Simply buy the Lenoxx ApFun WiFi-Conrolled Lamborghini, download the app and start zipping around your driveway like a tiny millionaire.

Dogs welcome

Want to know what your pooch is up to when you’re not around? The Whistle Activity Monitor  keeps track of your dog’s level of activity and compares it to others of the same breed and age to make sure it’s in tip-top shape. Sync it up to your phone when you’re taking Rover for a stroll or check in online and keep tabs on him while you’re out of town.

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