The latest in online streaming services

How to get with the stream

It’s time to join the pack and start swimming upstream with the latest in online streaming services. With American giant Netflix hitting our shores (and giving us access to overseas favourites like Orange Is The New Black, House of Cards and Friday Night Lights), we look at some reasons streaming is the way of the future.

#1: You can watch anytime...

Forget programming in recorded shows, or waiting around till midnight to catch the latest in an overseas series! With online streaming, you can catch your favourite movies, TV shows, sports games, or music at any time of the day, when it suits you. Hello Sunday afternoon with popcorn, tracksuit pants, and Parks And Recreation, right?!

#2. ...and anywhere.

Not only can you stream your shows at any time, you can watch them anywhere. Television, laptop, smartphone, or tablet device; all you need is an Internet connection and somewhere comfortable to watch. Popcorn optional.

#3: Say goodbye to spoilers.

With the world becoming increasingly connected thanks to the Internet, there is live coverage streaming of almost everything you might be missing from the shores of Oz: whether it’s the Madonna concert in New York, the gridiron Superbowl, or premiere of a new series; you can be on the same page as your international pals and avoid spoiler updates forevermore.

#4: You can join in on the action!

Are you a small business? A singer? Maybe you run online tutorials? Well, you can utilise streaming for your own purposes, too. You will open up your offering to an immediate and international audience across a variety of devices for easy access. Stream your message, worldwide.

FlexiRent offers rental on a variety of devices that you can stream to - tablets, android phones, digital televisions, and laptop computers. So what are waiting for? Have your finger on the pulse and start streaming today.


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