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Gone are the days of throwing on your old running shoes and pounding the pavement: the world of fitness and health has gone high tech, and it’s about time you caught up.

Not all of the new products on the market are just about measuring how fast or how long or how hard you can train (although who can resist those?) - many are about comfort, tracking your journey, and making the whole workout experience a little more pleasant.

Here we look at our pick of the latest trends in fitness apps, software and devices; and how they are going to change the sweaty world of working out.

Beats By Dr. Dre Wireless Headphones

The clever folks at Beats have taken all of the ear-hugging joy of their original professional headphones, and created the workout version. They are wireless, have six hours of charge, and most importantly, come in an assortment of lovely colours.

It will change your life because...

They are slim, stay put, are sweat resistant, and have no cord to flick your sweat around the gym like a sprinkler system. Besides, you will get some major street cred for sporting a pair of these.

Check it out: Beats By Dr. Dre Wireless Headphones

Breffo Adventure Camera Kit

The spider-like structure bends and twists with seven legs that will securely clip onto anything. And when we say anything, we mean ANYTHING: mountain bikes, wind kites, surfboards, baseball helmets etc. 

It will change your life because...

Unlike the usual wobbly camera stands that have a habit of going flying as soon as, well, you go flying; this little critter has multiple legs that will keep your camera safe, steady, and secure.

Check it out: Breffo Adventure Camera Kit

Fitbit Smart Scale

The leaders in fitness trackers, Fitbit, have expanded their empire with a new product that you are already probably using a version of every day. Taking the humble set of bathroom scales to new heights, the Fitbit Smart Scale will track not just your weight, but your BMI, and body fat index, too.

It will change your life because…

The scales wirelessly update to your computer to graph your stats, giving you a long-term picture of your weight loss and fitness journey. No more blaming your dodgy, mouldy bathroom scales for lying about your weight!

Check it out: Fitbit Smart Scale

Teemo Mobile App

Think you’ve seen just about every fitness app out there? Well, Teemo has taken a fun, new approach to fitness: using make-believe adventure challenges (think skiing in the alps, or fighting pirates) you sign up with a group of pals, and complete random fitness challenges during the day together.

It will change your life because…

Keeping fit can be a bore, and fitness apps can be even more boring again. Teemo is hilarious, fun, and actually based upon professional trainers recommendations of daily activities. Besides, what’s a little competition between friends, right?

Check it out: Teemo Mobile App


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