A look into the world of gaming

Can you believe the world’s first video game was created way back in 1971?

It was a coin-operated arcade game called ‘Computer Space’. Brightly coloured but pretty basic, Computer Space was shortly followed by the iconic ‘Pong’, and the first ever at-home video game, ‘Space Odyssey’. Since then, video games have long been considered the domain of pimply teens and adult-comic-book-readers.

Not any more.

As technology evolved, and begun to create more and more realistic visuals, the world of gaming grew up. These days, games like The Elder Scrolls, L.A. Noire and Grand Theft Auto have gathered adult fans from every walk of life, fascinated by the complex plotlines, addictive challenges, and sophisticated imagery. In fact, the average age of a gamer in Australia these days is 32 years old.

So, if you’re interested in joining the gaming revolution, but are unsure where to begin, let us help.

Step one: hire yourself a top of the line gaming console. We look through the top three in the market today.


Best feature?

Instantly switch between a game and your entertainment options with ease. Packed with power, the Xbox One features cutting-edge components such as an 8-core x86 processor, 8GB RAM and massive 500GB hard drive storage, so you can play your favourite movies, scroll through holiday photos, or connect to the Internet.


Playing at a friend’s place, but don’t want to start the game from scratch? Thanks to the nifty cloud technology, your Xbox One stores your gaming profiles, games, and other personal content safely - so you can access your unique information from any other Xbox, and even transfer it over from your old Xbox 360!

Why choose an Xbox One?

The Xbox One is more than just a gaming console - it’s your full home entertainment system.This next generation Xbox console plays Blu-Ray discs for a full cinematic experience, as well as having the functionality to access multimedia content via wireless connections or cable.

What’s in the box?

  • 1 x Xbox One Console
  • 1 x Xbox One Wireless Controller
  • 1 x Xbox One Headset

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Best feature?

If you like showing off, the PlayStation is for you! You can share your gaming victories with the new ‘Share’ button, and can even invite your buddies to join in on games they aren’t lucky enough to own yet.


The PlayStation 4 feels like the tomorrow of gaming.The upgraded PlayStation console comes with a new Dualshock 4 controller that uses a high-tech mounted touch pad and enhances motion and light sensors for amazing control to the user.

Why choose a PlayStation 4?

This console is the complete package, coming with a unique PlayStation TV, allowing you to stream games to another HDTV in the same house as well as rent, buy or stream content from the PlayStation Store.

What’s in the box?

  • 1 x PlayStation 4 Console
  • 1 x PlayStation DUALSHOCK 4 controller

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Best feature?

This is the newest contender on the gaming console market. Completely PC compatible, you can use your Razer Forge to stream music, movies or TV, and play games and apps from Google Play, on your TV.


Not on team Apple? Good news: the Razor is designed specifically for you! You can Google Cast from your Android 5.0 device or control your Razer Forge TV remotely with iOS, Android, Chromebook or Windows devices.

Why choose a Razor Forge?

With a console that’s around 1/5th of the size of a PlayStation or Xbox console, this little unit still packs a punch: The Razer Forge has a 2.5GHz Quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU, 2GB of RAM, Wireless AC and Gigabit Ethernet connectivity, and 16GB of storage.

What’s in the box?

  • Razor Forge console
  • Razor Forge Bluetooth connected, Android specific Razer Serval game controller

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Now, all you need to do is find a spare few hours to escape, and let your inner child revel in the exciting and modern world of gaming. Be warned: this can be addictive!

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